Chinatsu Kagaya
Race Vampire (Raised as human
Faction Church
Gun Bullet Children
Theme Shock!! - Vampire
Shock!! (Remix) - Vampire REX
Appearances Gun Bullet Children
Vampire REX

Chinatsu (Tinatsu) Kagaya is one of the three playable characters and protagonists in eXceed - Gun Bullet Children, and Stage 2 boss in eXceed 2nd - Vampire and Vampire REX.


Chinatsu is a member of the Gun Bullet Children. Despite being an ally of the Church, Chinatsu is often criticized for having the appearnace of the vampire, having white hair and red pupils. In fact, unbeknownst to her, Chinatsu actually is a vampire, except that she was raised to be a human, which poses the possibily of her orphanage. Because of this complex about her vampiric appearance, she seems to have a gruff and volatile personality, preferring to engage in the battle right away rather than having a small talk with the opponents. Chinatsu can use her magical power to convert it to a sword called Ingzeks, which she uses during combat.


Chinatsu is assigned to destroy the vampire army alongside Sowel and Miyabi. In Stage 1, it is revealed that this is their first battle.

eXceed 2ndEdit

When Ria encounters Chinatsu, she immediately recognizes her as a vampire due to her appearance. Asked by Ria for the reason why she is fighting on the Church's side, Chinatsu simply replies that because she was raised as a human, she ultimately is a human. She then proceeds to condemn Ria and the vampire race, and engages in the battle.