EXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate
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Genre Bullet hell shooter
Developers FLAT
Publishers FLAT
Platforms Windows
Rating ESRB: E10+

eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate is the third installment of the eXceed series. It was developed and published by FLAT.


Unlike the two previous installments, Jade Penetrate takes place in the world named Pandemonium. In here, the various races wage battles of sorcery with each other days and nights in order to survive and gain supremacy over one another. The one and only sovereignty that watches over the Pandemonium is the Seven Cardinal Lords, powerful sorcerers who rule over everything there is to this world.

The plot is centered on a girl named Rayne Lindwurm, member of the Dragon Clan, student at the Belpegor Academy of Sorcery, and daughter of the venerable House of Lindwurm, who dreamt of becoming one of the Cardinal Lords since youth. She is delighted to participate in the Cardinal Tournament, which is held to fill up the vacant seat of the Cardinals by having the participants fight through the obstacles and then engage in the battle of sorcery against other participants. The biggest obstacle for Rayne to win the Tournament is her own sister Celestia, a renowned prodigy of sorcery whom she was never able to best in combat. With both the excitement, stubbornness and the fear of defeat in her mind, Rayne proceeds to the Tournament that may change her entire life.



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